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Cora Systems works with leading organizations around the world across an array of industries, including life sciences, healthcare, government, engineering, construction and more.


Do you find it a challenge to get your cost management and approvals process across your portfolio of projects really lean? Collaboration can be difficult when your engineering teams are geographically dispersed and include employees, clients, vendors, sub-contractors and other third parties. Do you have the full picture when it comes to forecasting and project estimates? Cora helps you to master these challenges, allowing you to centrally manage complex capital and operational projects. It will give you the control, governance and insight to make better – and more profitable – decisions.


With the ability to integrate a variety of delivery systems to share information, report to agencies and provide health services to patients, Cora will bring untold calm and confidence to the way you provide your healthcare services.


From capital projects to transformations, government projects at all levels come under huge public scrutiny. Those involved are constantly under pressure to weigh up the quality of project deliverables against the pressure of demonstrating value for money.

Cora’s government project management software solution eases that pressure by bringing together all the information required to make better-informed decisions.

Life Sciences

Are you struggling to get a handle on prioritization and project management? Are you managing capacity efficiently?

Maybe you need better visibility across your portfolio of projects.

Our applications solve these headaches: it enables real-time collaboration, workflow automation, project tracking and resource management, freeing you up to focus on delivering high-quality products and services to market.

Enterprise PMOs

When it comes to project management in your organization are you grappling with dozens of disparate systems to get the full picture? Are you having trouble aligning corporate strategy with organizational goals?

Cora’s enterprise project portfolio management software brings together projects, resources, strategies, and more from across the enterprise, providing you with an invaluable single version of the truth.

Are you projects aligned to your strategy?

With Cora Strategic Portfolio Management, you can select and manage the optimum set of strategically aligned project initiatives

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