Press Release: enet supports the growth of leading Irish software developer, Cora Systems

Press Release: enet supports the growth of leading Irish software developer, Cora Systems

Dublin, Ireland – 25 April 2017: enet, Ireland’s largest open-access network operator is enabling the international growth of leading Irish software developer, Cora Systems, with the provision of a 100Mb fibre for voice and internet to its headquarters in Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim.

Using enet’s reliable, high-speed connectivity, Cora is expanding its provision of high-quality customer service to markets around the globe, including the UK and USA.  Additionally, Cora runs a Virtual Private Network (VPN) across enet infrastructure, which integrates all voice between Carrick on Shannon and the company’s London office. Its integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) means Cora’s tele-sales teams always have access to adequate lines and CRITICAL bandwidth.

Philp Martin, CEO, Cora Systems, said: “As a global software company we need high-speed connectivity with 100% reliability. That’s what enet provides. It gives us tremendous reach. We can run a global corporation from the north-west of Ireland – with projects that are live in over 50 countries – and not be punished because of our location. It’s really equipped us for significant growth for the company.”

Conal Henry, CEO, enet, said: “enet enables local business, like Cora Systems, to bridge the digital divide faced in the west of the country and indeed, throughout regional Ireland. We provide businesses with world class and future-proof connectivity, allowing them to compete at a global level and benefit from higher-capacity, wholly reliable, non-contended broadband.”   

enet’s high-speed connectivity is also facilitating remote working by Cora staff. The company currently has more than 50 staff, of which 80% are based in Leitrim. Cora have plans for further substantial expansion into the USA this year.

About enet:

enet is Ireland’s largest wholesale-only carrier with offices in Limerick and Dublin. The company provides world class, open-access connectivity solutions to every major telecommunications carrier. These carriers use the enet network for enterprise, residential and core network solutions that are transforming Ireland’s digital landscape.
The company operates the second largest fibre network in Ireland incorporating 94 Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) operated on behalf of the Irish Government, as well as a unique dark fibre backhaul infrastructure transiting the rail and gas network and three proprietary metro networks including a 100km fibre ring in Dublin.
enet also operates one of the largest licensed wireless networks in the country. Taken together, the fibre and wireless infrastructure creates a fully-integrated, nationwide network which is truly open access in nature, and enables carriers to deliver world class bandwidth services to their customers throughout Ireland.
The company is committed to the development of the regions in Ireland through encouraging the open delivery of affordable, state of the art broadband services, and is currently short listed for the Irish Government’s National Broadband Plan.
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About Cora Systems:

Cora Systems provides enterprise portfolio, program and project management solutions and services to government agencies and large-scale global organizations, including life sciences, healthcare, and engineering & construction. Every day, thousands of project managers across the world use the Cora platform to manage their portfolio of projects, totalling over €10 billion in value, across multiple locations, dozens of countries and thousands of users. Headquartered in Ireland and with regional offices in Washington, DC and London (UK), Cora’s client roster includes Allergan, BT, City of London, Honeywell Building Solutions and the UK’s National Health Service. 
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