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Registers Tool

Completely customizable logs for managing actions, lessons learned, decisions, and more, with our registers tool for project management.

Discover clear, real-time data with our digital register tool

Record and manage actions, change requests, external dependencies, and more across projects and programs.

Our digital registers tool allows for dynamic logs to be created within via our configuration toolset.

Key Differentiators

An import capability allows for an easy population of the system with data that would previously have been on a spreadsheet. For each item on the register, an owner can be defined. Users can then view a personal list of items they are responsible for via their My Dashboard screen.

On creation or update of register entries, email alerts can be automatically sent to both the creator of the entry and the owner, allowing for proactive management of register entries. Similar to all information captured in our comprehensive reporting suite allows for the analysis of all data captured on the registers across projects, programs and portfolios. Register items can be tracked via graphics on the Project Dashboard so users can see trends in register data such as target dates, number of open entries and overdue items.

In practice

In this video, we look at how Registers can be used in the context of Risk Management, including as a “Lessons Learned” log, a “Project Risk” log, and a “Weather Log”.


The use of our registers tool is highly flexible, enabling them to be set up to replicate logs that customers may already be using and capturing via MS Excel or MS Word documents. Our registers tool is much more than online lists; they are fully integrated into our PPM software and significantly reduce reliance on paper or spreadsheets. Import options help you migrate existing data.

The ability to automatically route items through workflow for approval enables customers to replace ad hoc manual updates by email with a controlled and fully audited process. Dynamic filters to search registers quickly across projects and programs. Manage all of your actions from your dashboard.


  • Import options to help you migrate your existing data
  • Automatically alert users when entries are updated or assigned
  • Email alerts and workflow can be automatically created
  • Manage all of your actions from your dashboard
  • Dynamic filters to search registers quickly across projects and program
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