The Problem: Difficulty Project Forecasting and Lack of Standardized Workflow Processes

Our client went to the market for a PPM solution because it required a digitized and cloud-based collaboration tool to deploy across the organization. It needed a platform that would help standardize work processes across its business units so they could operate more efficiently and, for example, improve the execution transparency of projects at all tiers of the organization.

Our Solution

  • Cora PPM helped established a consistent project management process for our client, which integrates into four enterprise systems, providing consistent reporting/dashboards with project data resident in a secure cloud server accessible to field teams via mobile apps
  • The implementation minimized disruptions associated with change and provided users with an easy-to-use, intuitive system

The Result

  • Since Cora PPM has been implemented, our client has been able to import detailed scope of its projects and create a dynamic Gantt-style scheduling chart, which sets all projects across the United States on a level footing
  • Cora PPM provides easy access to documents and standard templates for each project
  • Our client’s business executives can now delve instantly into the detail of each portfolio of work on major projects, delivering significant time savings and making them more competitive