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The Cora Project Execution module houses the suite of tools that enable you to carefully orchestrate every stage of your project’s lifecycle, from bid to completion.

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Module Capabilities

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Project Access & Control

The Project Access and Control tool allows you to configure the platform so you can manage user permissions, roles and access levels. This ensures the right people have the appropriate level of access to project data and functions, and helps you to maintain cyber security and data integrity.

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Workflow Management

Cora’s Workflow Management functionality allows you to automate tasks, processes, and activities in the planning, execution and monitoring of projects. This streamlines and optimizes your work processes, improves collaboration and ensures tasks are completed in line with established procedures.

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Project Schedule Import/Export

The Project Schedule import and export function facilitates the transfer of project schedule data between different software applications or formats, making data sharing quick and easy.

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Benefits Management

The Benefits Management functionality allows you to capture and evaluate a project’s benefits in relation to specific organizational goals and aims. You can configure your project metrics using both financial and non-financial parameters, and with qualitative and quantitative inputs.

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Work Breakdown Structures

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) functionality allows you to view a project’s individual elements in a hierarchical format and to manage a project based on its deliverables.

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Task Management (Cost/Schedule)

Task Management is an alternative to WBS, which allows you to focus instead on the individual tasks your project moves through in its various stages from start to finish.

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Risk/Opportunity Management

This functionality allows you to identify and track risks and opportunities as they occur over the course of a project’s lifecycle. The earlier these are identified, the quicker and more effectively you can respond and keep your project on track.

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Time & Expenses

The Time and Expenses functionality allows you to track hours worked, and record expenses, so you can monitor billable hours and improve your budget management.

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GIS Mapping

Cora’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Mapping functionality connects project attributes to their physical locations. Showing you, for instance, where a proposed factory is due to be built, and detailing what sort of infrastructure exists there currently.


Get granular visibility into every stage of a project, and roll data up to program and portfolio view.

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Project Execution FAQs

Why do we need the Cora PPM Project Execution module?

The Cora PPM Project Execution module digitizes all your data and centralizes your documents enabling you to manage your projects through the one, central hub. Everything is kept permanently up to date and in real time so everyone works in the same standardized way.

What are the benefits of the Cora Project Execution module?

The Cora Project Execution module provides you with a wide range of different tool sets. You can organize your projects using work breakdown structures (WBS) or using the task management tools, which focus on costs and schedules. You can evaluate risks and opportunities and manage benefits and value management.

What features does the Cora Project Execution module have?

The Cora Project Execution module provides a wide range of features, including GIS mapping, the ability to view project progress using Kanban boards and the tools to record and track any billable hours and expenses.

What value for the Cora Project Execution module give you?

The Cora Project Execution module streamlines all your processes and integrates all your systems and any existing software into the one, central system. So everyone works in the same, standardized way, off the same facts and figures.