Progress Management Tool

Progress Management Tool

Ensure digitization and tracking of strategic goals with our Progress Management tool.

Monitoring performance against set project deliverables and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Our Progress Management tool provides customizable activity steps to track the progress of project deliverables through the full project lifecycle – from inception through to closure.

Key Differentiators

Our Progress Management tool allows you to define the deliverables for your project and add activity steps to each task. Completion of each activity step contributes towards the overall progress of the project. Our Progress Management tools ensure you can:

  • Define lists of deliverables for projects
  • Add activity steps for each deliverable
  • Define templates for activity steps
  • Record progress against activity steps by either percentage complete or budgeted hours
  • View progress graphically in dashboard widgets
  • Export and Import deliverables to allow update by external contractors
  • Optionally provide direct access to PPM to contractors to update progress against activity steps assigned to them


Our Progress Management tool interfaces to other areas of our PPM platform:

  • Dashboard’s widgets are automatically created when progress metrics are created
  • Reports progress S-curves are available in the Snapshot report


  • Track progress of project deliverables separately from the schedule
  • Enter Planned, Actual and Forecast completion data by week or month
  • Show progress graphically on the dashboard and in snapshot reports
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