Benefits Realisation

Ensure your projects are delivering their promises with ProjectVision’s benefit realisation feature. Through ProjectVision you have the ability to identify and manage your projects benefits which will help you justify your project costs and enable the realisation of strategic goals.



ProjectVision gives its users the ability to see specific and relevant information to them through its intuitive and customisable dashboards. Your dashboard gives you the user quick access to the information that is based on your profile, leading to increased efficiency and reducing the chance of project delays and overspends.



ProjectVision comes with a comprehensive suite of standard reports that ensure you have all the information you need, when you need it. This will save you significant time and effort in monitoring and reviewing any aspect of your projects, portfolios and programmes. If you find that there’s a report that doesn’t suit you then you can build a report around your criteria with just a few simple clicks.


Financial Management

ProjectVision gives you tight control over your project finances and takes away all of the hassle and stress that is often associated with financials. ProjectVision allows you to set budgets and track them as the projects progresses. All of your expenditure profiling, invoicing and cashflow management can be done within this single system. All financial reporting can be created within minutes through our reporting feature.


Project Planning

ProjectVision’s gives you total control over your project planning process, making sure you get projects up and running quickly and easily. Tools including resourcing, scheduling, gantt charts and cost control combine to provide a powerful project planning software solution.


Gantt Chart

ProjectVision’s highly functional browser-based Gantt chart software makes it quick and easy to set up and manage your projects. It’s intuitive design and interface mean that you and your team will be up to speed and creating and controlling your projects in no time at all.
Unlike normal project-based Gantt charts, ProjectVision Gantt lets you view collections of projects at the same time, providing you with an unique view of how all of your  projects interact and overlap.


Project Collaboration

ProjectVision ensures that you and your team keep informed with the latest updates in your projects. Project watch, email alerts, comments and document management are all designed to make sure you all know what is happening and to work together more effectively.


Resource Management

ProjectVision’s functionality ensures that you have the best available resources working on the right projects.  ProjectVision can manage even the most complex of projects by giving you complete visibility and control of the resources.


Document Management

ProjectVision’s provides a central location for all project related documents. Documents can be uploaded directly to ProjectVision or can be linked to files that are on an existing file network or document management system. All documentation is subject to version control to ensure that you are looking at the most recent.a


Time Sheet Management

ProjectVision’s enables you to easily manage your team’s time schedule with its simple user interface.Time sheets are one of the fundamental requirements for good, effective project management. Time tracking ensures that you can monitor the actual effort taken on your projects compared to the original plan.


Expenses Management

ProjectVision’s allows your team to enter expenses they have incurred in relation to a project. This feature will ensure you capture information which you can use to compare current versus planned expenditure, helping you maintain your projects within budget. Expense claims are entered against the relevant project in ProjectVision, organizing information in one place for the financial department.


Performance Management

Building on ProjectVision’s project and programme management capability, the project performance management functionality in ProjectVision allows you to measure your organisation’s performance. This will enable you to quickly and easily identify any potential issues and react accordingly, thus minimising impact.



ProjectVision customisation ability gives you and your team full control over the look and feel of your software. This will ensure you are up and running quickly and that rolling ProjectVision out to your teams is easy. Information presented in the way you and your team want will increase productivity and provide unparalleled visibility and control over your organisation’s projects and work load.


Project on a Map- GIS

ProjectVision’s uses GIS to plot your projects on a map. This allows you to understand the relationship between the locations of projects. ProjectVision’s integration with Bing Maps, ESRI’s Arc GIS or Google Maps is extremely powerful, particularly if you have projects located across multiple locations either in one country or worldwide. Projects are displayed on familiar map interfaces either as points on a map or defined by shapes – e.g. building sites or stretches of road.



ProjectVision’s provides each member of your team with their own personal calendar. As well as showing them the tasks, risks and issues they should be working on it also allows them to track sick days and vacations. This give project managers and planners complete visibility of the team’s availability across projects or by skill.



ProjectVision has a number of integration options making it easy for you and your team to get up and running and allowing you to concentrate on your core work and delivering your projects. You can integrate to financial platforms, document systems, HR software, and GIS mapping.