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A Centralized PPM Solution

Cora PPM is an enterprise portfolio and project management platform that provides the functionality required to make informed decisions via a centralized system that brings together portfolios, programs, organizations, strategies, resources and projects across the enterprise – providing a single version of the truth. 

Cora PPM powers transformation by providing clear insight into the alignment, status and resources required to propel their organization forward, and to make strategic adaptations as needed.

Complete control, governance and insight are acquired through the information “roll-up” concept, linking top-down goals with bottom-up contributions of each and every initiative.

Digitize & Streamline

Digitize & Streamline Business Processes

Digitize your portfolio, program and project processes, surfacing information when and where it's needed.
Centralize & Consolidate

Centralize & Consolidate Systems

Integrate with any enterprise system, providing an immediate, consolidated view of project portfolios and deliverables.

Project & Program Prioritization

Gain the control, governance and insight required to identify, prioritize and authorize portfolios that align to strategy and deliver ROI.
Do More with Less

Do More with Less

Increase efficiency, decrease cost & automate workflows by centralizing the management of your projects to one system.
Power Transformation

Power Transformation

Power transformation by rolling out future-proofed, strategically-aligned projects which use optimal resources and deliver maximum impact.

Client Testimonials

The Cora Solution


We commit to developing a deep understanding of your business challenges and delivering bespoke solutions that address those needs


We provide you with certified, tailored face-to-face and on-line training


We co-design and implement the solution using a partnership approach


We dedicate a Customer Success Team to support and mentor you throughout your journey towards project and portfolio management excellence

Powering Transformation:

Cora PPM contains a comprehensive suite of functionality that provides the strategic capabilities to optimize capacity, analyze scenarios, track benefits, inform all stakeholders and integrate across the enterprise. The platform acts as the bedrock for delivering major transformation programs. It will digitize the way you manage your program life cycle, providing the transparency, intelligence and decision-making capability to drive change across your enterprise. Crucially, it is proven to deliver key business benefits and ROI.

Swift Deployment:
A key pillar of Cora PPM is its ability to rapidly deploy. Our team of experts draws from the experience of rolling out large-scale, global implementations across two decades. Cora PPM has been designed with a focus on the end-user, enabling users to quickly deploy the solution in complex PMO/PPM environments. This in turn helps deliver ROI on implementations in less than 6 months. The solution will adapt to your needs, which ensures swift adoption by users, and there is the ability to localize the core product, e.g. with colors/logos.
Mapping to your Methodology:
The Cora suite of modules are highly configurable for each client’s specific business processes. We’re methodology agnostic – we’ll craft our solution and project templates to reflect your methodology underpinning your chosen methodology e.g. Agile, PMBOK, PRINCE2, etc. The system can be configured to deliver dashboards and performance analytics for any member of the project team.
Sustainable Results:
Cora PPM acts as a single point of entry for all project data. Complete control, governance and insight are acquired through the information “roll-up” concept, linking top-down goals with bottom-up contributions of each and every initiative. Mobile apps let program staff access and update key activity on the move, and execution and strategy dashboards automatically surface information so it’s at their fingertips.

Trusted by leading organizations

Cora works with leading organizations around the world across an array of industries, including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Government, Engineering, Construction and more.

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