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Cora PPM contains a comprehensive suite of functionality that provides the strategic capabilities to optimize capacity, analyze scenarios, track benefits, inform all stakeholders and integrate across the enterprise. It acts as the bedrock for delivering major transformation programs.

Strategic Insights

Roll out failsafe, strategically-aligned projects that utilize resources and deliver maximum value.

See The Full Picture

Quickly view data dashboards that visualize the health of your portfolio and drill-down to focus in on any issues.

Support Governance 

Ensure the right people have the right oversight with multi-level access protocols.

Easily Scale

Small to large, local to global, all in the cloud.

Complete Control

Manage scope, financials, progress and quality of project delivery in one centralized system.

Seamless Collaboration

No matter the team – internal or contractor, desk-based or mobile – integrations make workflows seamless.

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PPM Solutions by Cora

bespoke ppm solutions

Bespoke PPM Solutions

We commit to developing a deep understanding of your business challenges and delivering bespoke solutions that address your needs.

ppm solutions education


We provide you with certified, tailored face-to-face and on-line training.

partnership approach to ppm solutions


We co-design and implement PPM solutions using a partnership approach.

ppm solutions support


We dedicate a Customer Success Team to support and mentor you throughout your journey towards project and portfolio management excellence.

Digitize Your PMO

Digitize your programs and lifecycles, gain greater insights, more informed decision-making, and streamline your governance and reporting.
Business Case Smart Form PPM Software
Workflow PPM Solutions

Centralize Project Management

A full lifecycle platform providing you with the ability to plan, prioritize, execute and evaluate your project portfolios from one, central source.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate the time and frustration around decision making, report generation, resource allocation, financial tracking and benefits management.
Executive Dashboard PPM Solutions
Benefits Management Benefit Realization

Power Transformation

Roll out future proofed, strategically-aligned portfolios of projects which use optimal resources and deliver maximum impact.

Update on the Go

Cora PPM mobile apps for Android and iOS let you access and update key activity from anywhere, anytime.

Cora PPM In Practice

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Strategic Functionality

The strategic functionality required to optimize capacity, prioritize and track the benefits of your business plan, inform all stakeholders and integrate across the business technologies to achieve maximum performance from your portfolios.

Auto-select the preferred portfolio based on your criteria and compare alternatives, ensuring your portfolio delivers the maximum return.

Make Portfolio balancing easy, while ensuring strategic alignment, capacity planning and global efficiencies across the enterprise

Logically split budget across your portfolios. Easily track forecasting from execution against portfolio budgets to measure performance.

Using a criteria, based on your requirements to score and weight projects, slice-and-dice data to come up with a repeatable, reliable and robust portfolio scoring mechanism.

Easily understand requirements for the year ahead and maximize usage of global resource pools.

Plan and track benefit realization across the organization.

Embedded “BI” provides powerful data and insights that enable fast, informed decisions accessible to everyone via shared dashboard and interactive reports.

Essential Functionality

The essential functionality required to automate your PMO, providing you with the ability to plan, prioritize, execute and evaluate your project portfolios.

Project and program level, visualizing the health of your portfolio; personal dashboards provide a digital ‘to-do’ list.

A full set of tools needed to create, plan and manage your entire portfolio of projects.

Manage your project finances from initial estimate through to actual spend.

Turn free-format text into structured, reportable data.

Completely customizable logs for managing actions, lessons learned, decisions & more.

Plan resource requirements for your project; track variation between planned and actual resources.

Solid, sophisticated scheduling throughout the project lifecycle, including inter-project and inter-program dependencies.

Attach or link documents to projects, risks, tasks & registers. Annotate documents with mark-up tools directly within the application.

Plot projects on a map, visualizing activity location and identifying synergies.

Mobile apps for Android and iOS. Access and update key project activity from anywhere.

A flexible framework that provides access to data contained in Cora PPM to a wider audience.

Ensures automatic digitization and tracking of corporate goals.

Suite of reports that are used by various roles to extract and publish information in just a few clicks.

Design and manage the approval of data in Cora Forms and Cora Registers.

The Cora API

The Cora API allows you to programmatically interact with the data in Cora PPM, allowing organizations to embed Cora PPM within their service-oriented architecture (SOA), working seamlessly with external systems and data sources. Data entered only once across the business, enabling a connected enterprise.

API Features

  • RESTful API with PUT, POST, GET, and DELETE methods
  • Provides read and write access to:
    • Project data
    • Custom data
    • Risks, issues, and registers
    • Timesheets and expenses
    • Tasks
    • Users
    • And much more…
  • Industry-standard security model with both user and token validation options
  • For customers using JIRA for their Agile development streams, Cora’s JIRA connector can surface epic and sprint data into project timelines. Milestones are automatically created based on goals and the likely end date of future sprints can be estimated. This allows project and program managers to easily see how work in their development teams is progressing and align the development timeline to the rest of their project activities. In addition, Cora uses Takt Time and Monte Carlo modeling to analyze the stories in the backlog and accurately predict how long it will take to complete the remaining work.

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