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Cora PPM combines strategic functionality with execution functionality, helping you to make the right investment decisions.

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Cora PPM can act as the bedrock for delivering your transformation programmes. It will provide you with the strategic plans and capabilities to optimize capacity, analyze scenarios, track benefits and keep all your stakeholders informed across the enterprise.

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We understand your pains. For over two decades, we’ve provided project portfolio management solutions to organizations around the world. With each engagement, we’ve learned to surmount the diverse problems encountered by project managers.
The problem:
Implementing a new PPM solution is risky
Don’t worry – from our first interaction with you we focus on developing a deep understanding of the challenges that your organization is facing. We then take a partnership approach to deliver a bespoke solution.
The problem:
Keeping projects on budget, on time
We make it easy to monitor and control your budget, schedule, progress, performance, and forecasting in a single, intuitive system.
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Project Portfolio Management - Frequently Asked Questions
Why is Project Portfolio Management Important?
  • Private companies and government departments are measured by the success of their projects.
  • Good project portfolio management helps the board to define and realize key objectives, helping to properly assign resources, improve the quality of services and critically strategically align project portfolios.
What Industries does your PPM Software serve?
  • Our project portfolio management software solution can be used in any industry.
  • We currently have clients in Healthcare; Life Sciences; Engineering & Construction; Public Sector; Enterprise Project Management Offices around the world, in areas such as utilities, financial services, transport, etc.)
  • Typically, our software solutions are 75% base product plus 25% customized for specific verticals
    We have in-house subject-matter experts in each of our five key industries
How is risk evaluated and mitigated in a Project?
  • The key to evaluating and safeguarding against risk in a project is to create a mitigation plan that helps to manage, eliminate (or reduce) risk to acceptable levels.
  • Once a plan is in place, it must be monitored carefully to assess its effectiveness and can be adjusted if needs be.
How does Portfolio Management Software manage teams & tasks?
  • Our Portfolio Management Software solution facilitates real-time collaboration between teams. Tasks can be updated instantly, regardless of users are based
  • A visual tool like the Gantt chart enables your project teams to easily view timelines, tasks, and responsibilities. They can be easily auto-generated and edited.
  • Managers can select team members from a central resource pool and assign them to those tasks
  • Dashboards can surface key information quickly so program managers can quickly get a handle on a vast array of projects in a few instants
  • Intelligent workflows can drive the delivery of projects, as well as raise risks & issues when required.
Does Cora PPM assist with Capacity Planning?
  • Our strategic capacity management application helps to easily understand requirements for the year ahead so our clients can maximize usage of their global resource pools
  • We can help to fulfill 85% of resource requirements quickly and easily, satisfying the balance using readily available data and insights
How do you guarantee a Return on Investment?
  • Cora guarantees a return on investment, as it has 20+ years of building metrics into its implementations
  • Here, for example, are some measurable results achieved: 55% reduction in forecasting volatility; 85% resourcing “a slam dunk”; 50% reduction in canceled projects; 40% reduction in project deviation; 10% reduction of capital program costs; $2.5m increase in planned savings yearly
What are the critical success factors in Project Management?
  • Agree on clear project objectives & results
  • Get senior management buy-in
  • Communicate project goals clearly and consistently
  • Manage scope effectively
What are technical risks in Project Management?
  • The likely impact that will incur on a project or program if an implementation doesn’t go to plan
What are the benefits of being Cloud-Based?
  • From an end-user point of view, the main benefit is that project data can be accessed and updated in real-time from anywhere in the world on any device
  • From an IT infrastructure point of view, Cora is responsible for hosting the application, feature updates, security, etc. so there’s no need for the client to worry about physical servers.
  • Having your data backed up and protected in a secure and safe location on the cloud provides a failsafe solution in case you experience, say, a power failure or a natural disaster
  • Having your data based in the cloud will ensure that even in the event of a crisis you won’t suffer much downtime or loss of productivity
  • Implementation of the project management software solution is much quicker compared to on-premises and as the organization grows the solution can be scaled quickly
What’s the different between a Project and an investment?
  • A project is a planned endeavor that will have a goal attached to it; it will likely be carried out in several carefully defined stages
  • An investment is an act of investing money in a project or program
What is the role of Portfolio Management in an investment decision?
  • The key to portfolio management is selecting the right portfolio of projects and specifically knowing which projects are profitable (or unprofitable)
  • When making an investment decision it is vital to properly assess your risk factors
  • Ideally, you would diversify your risks when it comes to managing your portfolio