The Cora Portal is an extension to the platform that allows you to create a self-contained collaboration area where you can give limited access to both internal and external teams or groups.

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Extension Capabilities

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Get More Reliable Project Data

A Portal allows you to create a communication channel for people who don’t have access to the Cora platform that they can use to input data and upload documents. This improves the flow of information by replacing contested emails with a simplified structure which automatically generates a reliable audit trail, ensuring all your project data is accurate and up to date.  

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Explore Ideation Internally

You can assign portal-only access to internal teams that don’t need access to the full Cora platform, because of the kind of work that they do, so that they can upload project request ideas in a simple but structured way.

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Improve Coordination with 3rd Party Contractors

You can give portal-only access to external contractors who have been outsourced tasks by internal project owners. They can use this secure channel to fill out weekly reports and add documents like warranties and supporting documents, accelerating the approval and sign off process, and speeding up project close out and hand over.

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Stay Up to Date with Governance

A Portal gives you a secure channel to share data and return completed documents to a regulatory body on an ongoing basis. This allows you to respond promptly to any changes that are made around governance issues that might arise in the middle of a project or program.

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Visualize Project Progress for Senior Stakeholders

Instead of having to export everything into slides every time you need to rollup project data to give senior management an overview, you can present them with a standardized portal view. This shows real time data which you can configure so that it always shows exactly what you need it to.

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Easy to Configure and Secure

Portals are easy to set up and can be configured by you using a wide range of existing templates. You don’t need any coding, you simply drag and drop whatever you need. And because Portals offer segregated access, they’re completely secure and can be accessed by designated Portal users with SSO, and by external, portal-only users with MFA.

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Cora Portal FAQs

Why do I need Cora PPM’s Portal extension?

The Cora Portal extension enables you to create an individual unit which you can configure so that it only contains the data you want a team or individual to have access to. 

What are the benefits of Cora Portal extension?

One of the main benefits of the Cora Portal extension is that it acts like a stand-alone unit but sits within the Cora platform. This allows you to configure a pre-existing template so that a particular team only has access to the data and information you want them to 

What features does the Cora Portal extension have?

The Cora Portal extension includes a number of features, including the fact that whenever any data are changed and updated using, for instance, a Cora Smart Form, those changes area automatically updated in any of the portals where that data is being shared. 

Is Cora PPM easy to configure?

Cora PPM has been designed and built as a no code low code platform, to ensure that it’s as easy to configure as possible. In effect, Cora PPM gets configured twice. First, when we configure it for you, so that it does exactly what you need it to. Once you ‘go live’, it gets configured by your users who can drag and drop whatever features they need, wherever they need them.