The Importance of Training & Education for Effective Project Management

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In this episode, Johnny discusses the importance of Training and Education for Effective Project Management with Cora Systems’ Head of Training Caitríona Gately.

In this interview, you will hear how Caitriona uses various tools and techniques to ensure that training is delivered to ensure effective project management. In accordance with client requirements especially when one of these clients has over 9000 users of Cora’s project management software in 51 countries.

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Podcast Highlights

1. Train the Trainer Approach and Variation:
– Engage with clients early to understand their business and processes.
– Prefer smaller groups for enhanced engagement and productivity.
– Customize training approaches based on the diverse learning styles of clients.

2. Smart Ways to Roll Out In-house Training:
– Consult with clients for major roll-outs and understand their training requirements.
– Adapt to the client’s preferred training method rather than enforcing a specific methodology.
– Utilize video-based training that is specific to the customer and available online.

3. Tailor the Training to the Methodology:
– Train the trainers towards the end of the discovery and creation process.
– Focus on delivering a rigid project vision accurately within specified parameters.

4. The Importance of Education and Training:
– Emphasize the significance of education in improving results with applications and tools.
– Lack of education may lead to slower results and decreased engagement.
– Appropriate training eliminates guesswork and fear of new or different technologies.

5. Project Success and Staff Training:
– Provide role-based training to demonstrate the product’s relevance to individual roles.
– Training contributes to organizational success by making individuals more comfortable and proficient.

6. Concerns and Solutions:
– Address concerns about technology replacing roles by emphasizing automation of repetitive tasks.
– Using Projectvision against processes frees up time for more important tasks, increasing output.

7. Future Cora Training Plans:
– Focus on more technical and virtual training approaches.
– Tailor training fully based on client requirements, with an emphasis on online and virtual instructor training.
– Develop specific modules for clients to minimize costs while adding value.

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