In this week's episode of Project Management Paradise Johnny speaks to Elizabeth Harrin from "Girls Guide to" about the Benefits of Collaboration Tools for Project Managers.

Elizabeth is a professional project and program manager where she has over a decade of experience in healthcare IT. Not only that, but Elizabeth is an award-winning project management writer as well as becoming the youngest woman ever to be awarded the FAPM designation (Fellow of the Association for Project Management).

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Excerpts from Episode 19 – The Benefits of Collaboration Tools for Project Managers

“Collaboration is the ability for people to work together wherever they are based.”

Among the topics that Elizabeth covers are:

  • Why Project Managers should use social media
  • Defining collaboration tools
  • Advantages of using collaboration tools in an organisation
  • Disadvantages of not using collaboration tools in an organisation
  • How it all starts with culture and the business problem

Show Notes

Check out Elizabeth’s website: A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

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