Overcoming Challenges in the Defense Industry

Today, we are talking with Jessica Rivard, a senior business analyst at Cora Systems, and previously she worked at Fin Canary Marine Group, where she spent over 15 years working in the defense sector in a range of roles, including senior corporate applications manager and both as a business and systems analyst. In the most recent podcast episode, we discuss “Overcoming Challenges in the Defense Industry“.


We discuss the increasing concern over cybersecurity threats from actors like China and North Korea, the importance of competitiveness and innovation in the defense space, and the use of AI in areas such as virtual reality simulations and data analysis. Jessica also highlights the significance of adhering to earned value management techniques and the challenges faced by the industry, including the longer product life cycles caused by factors like knowledge loss and resource demand. Overall, the podcast emphasizes the need for organizations to stay updated, comply with regulations, and leverage technological advancements to address industry challenges effectively.

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Important Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction

03:28 – The critical trend in the aerospace and defense industry

05:47 – The process on Cybersecurity

07:17 – Strengthening Cybersecurity

07:59 – AI in Aerospace

11:29 – Importance of getting more information

11:51 – Earned Value Management

15:01 – The product life cycle analysis

21:29 – Management is key


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Email: jrivard@corasystems.com

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Overcoming Challenges in the Defense Industry

Jessica Rivard is a senior business analyst at Cora Systems, and previously worked at Fincantieri Marine Group, where she spent over 15 years working in a...