Mental Toughness for Leaders

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In this episode, we speak with LaRae Quy, who was an undercover counter-intelligence agent for the FBI for 24 years and is now an author. LaRae discusses mental toughness and how it can be developed over time. We will also look at some examples of “Mental Toughness for Leaders”. We will get to know LaRae’s thoughts on resilience and how to gain good values. Is it truly necessary to have a good understanding of oneself? This and more questions are answered!

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Important Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction
00:21 – Who is LaRae Quy?
03:54 – Mental toughness is something you develop
05:18 – Tips on developing mental toughness
08:08 – What is resilience?
10:39 – Values in mental toughness
13:39 – Source of good values
15:32 – Responding to failure
20:56 – Mental toughness is the same for men and women
22:40 – The importance of self-awareness
25:15 – How to be self-aware?

Show Notes

Connect with LaRae on LinkedIn: LaRae Quy

Connect with LaRae on Twitter: @LaRaeQuy

Visit LaRae’s Website: and take the Mental Toughness Assessment


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