Enabling People, Enabling Projects

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Today’s topic for discussion on Project Management Paradise is entitled “Enabling People, Enabling Projects” and our guest is Pauline Stewart Long.


Pauline has over 20 years experience in Project and Portfolio Management in various roles including VP of Global Project Management for Glaxo Smith Kline. She is also Director and Chairperson of the Pharma Industry Project Management Group.

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Excerpts from Episode 3 – “Enabling People, Enabling Projects”

In the comparison between Interpersonal Skills Vs Technical Skills – it is the Interpersonal Skills that differentiate a great Project Manager from a good one. Technical Skills can be taught to someone who has a keen interest and if the person has a good knowledge of the Industry. However, Interpersonal skills are inherent in a person and one can only enhance and develop them. If someone does not have the Emotional Intelligence and the ability to listen to people, talk to people and those inherent communication skills, they are not likely to make a great project manager.

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