Digital Transformation in Aerospace & Defense with Nils Herzberg

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Join us as we explore digital transformation in aerospace and defense with Nils Herzberg, a seasoned business leader with over 35 years of experience, primarily at SAP.

Key Points:

  • Defining Digital Transformation: Nils explains what digital transformation means for aerospace and defense, highlighting its importance for modernization and efficiency.
  • The Why Behind It: Discover the strategic reasons driving organizations to embark on digital transformation programs, as explained by Nils.
  • Avoiding Pitfalls: Nils shares common pitfalls to watch out for during a digital transformation journey and offers practical advice to navigate them successfully.
  • Tips for Success: Learn three actionable tips for planning and executing a digital transformation program, based on Nils’s extensive experience.
  • Sectoral Differences: Understand how digital transformation varies across industries and gain insights into its unique challenges in aerospace and defense compared to other sectors.
  • PPM & ERP Systems: Nils explains the importance of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) alongside Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, especially for CEOs unfamiliar with PPM.
  • Real-Time Data in A&D: Explore the significance of near real-time data for progress tracking in aerospace and defense, and how it enhances decision-making.
  • Career Advice: Nils shares the most valuable advice he’s received and how it shaped his career, offering insights for professionals at all levels.

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