Podcast Highlights from Episode 41 to 50

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In this episode Project Management Paradise Johnny selects the key points from Episode 41 to 50.

The first part of this two-part series featured highlights from Episode 30 to 40 and can be accessed here. Next wee, Project Management Paradise will be back to it’s regular format.

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Links to the full episodes of Project Management Paradise referred to in this edition can be found below.

  • Episode 41 – “How to manage unexpected events in projects” with Gary Straw
  • Episode 42 – “3 major types of project complexity and how to manage them”
  • Episode 43 – “How to use a Strategic Realization Model to prioritize and execute projects“
  • Episode 44 – “The Benefits of PMI Membership
  • Episode 45 – “How to engage with difficult stakeholders” with Elise Stevens
  • Episode 46 – “5 steps to creating an effective Project Team” with Tony Llewellyn
  • Episode 47 – “The impact of social media on project management”
  • Episode 48– The Self Aware Project Manager with Naomi Caietti
  • Episode 49: A Cora Client Case Study with Pat Davis of Health & Social Care Northern Ireland
  • Episode 50: “Key characteristics of successful Project Managers”

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