What to Look for in Project Management Software

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What to look for in project management software is the topic of this week’s episode of Project Management Paradise and Johnny speaks to Cora System’s Derry Lynch.

Derry has been with Cora Systems since 2007 and has worked in various roles in the company, from Professional Services in the Implementation team to now heading up the Industry Solutions team. This involves assisting with the engagement process for existing customers and prospect customers.

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Cora has been providing Enterprise Portfolio, Program and Project Management (E-PPM) solutions and services to large-scale global organizations and government agencies since 1999. They serve their customers from offices in the USA, UK and Ireland.

Episode 26: What to look for in project management software

In this podcast Derry explains the three things to look for when it comes to project management software. Firstly, Configuration capabilities are very important due to constantly changing environments. The core strength of Cora’s ProjectVision is that it’s highly configurable. It can be wrapped around existing processes meaning a reduction in lead time for people to get up to speed on what the product does. It becomes embedded within the ecosystem of the business very quickly and matches the existing behavioral elements.

Another key attribute of project management software is Change Management. It is vital that people within the organization are educated about the changes and how to use the project management software. Derry tells us that Cora sees itself as a trusted partner for its customers, not only do Cora build the system but they support the system from their offices in Ireland, UK and US.

The third thing to look for in project management software is – where is the system hosted? Is it hosted on the Cloud or on a physical server? ProjectVision’s adaptability means that it will work on both.

Show Notes

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To find out more about what Derry and the team at Cora can do for your organization or to arrange a personalized Demo of the Cora Platform email dlynch@corasystems.com

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