effective project prioritization in biopharma Pharmaceutical project management

Pharmaceutical project management

Get new products to market much quicker

Supply chain sync

Track all your materials and products

Life Science Trends improve project prioritization

Everything is accessible

Get immediate visibility on all your data and documents

Speed to market

The biggest lesson the pharmaceutical industry got from the pandemic was that it no longer takes 10 years to get a new drug to market. And what that speed depends on is data.

Everyone who needs to has to have immediate access to all the data and documentation they need.

That’s where we come in. Our software will make sure that everything is accessible and permanently up to date.

Behaving ethically, working sustainably

Wherever you work in Pharma, you have to stay on top of your ESG responsibilities. Not because that’s a box that has to be ticked. Because your success depends on it.

When your workers are happy about where they work, they perform more effectively. Which will be picked up on by your customers. Which will please your shareholders and investors. Which will further impress your customers, and on it goes in a virtuous circle.

So you need those ESG metrics to be up to date and readily to hand.

Happily, we do all of that for you.

Staying even more lean and agile

With the cost of everything spiraling, it’s even more important that your resources are efficiently aligned. That your materials, fixed assets, and labor are where they’re meant to be, when they’re needed.

Because those rising costs mean margins in the pharmaceutical sector are getting ever tighter.

Our resource management and capacity planning mean all of your assets are deployed much more effectively. Guaranteeing those margins, and increasing your revenues.

Your problems, our solutions

We understand your pains. For over two decades, we’ve helped pharma companies develop their products and services much more efficiently, so they can get them to market significantly quicker.
The problem:
Our last project failed due to inadequate Project Controls
We can help instill confidence in delivery by integrating project scheduling, planning, and controls for complex projects.
The problem:
It’s difficult to decide what projects should be prioritized.
We make it easy for you to define and apply your own standard criteria to projects. You can evaluate them based on a range of factors, including strategic impact, using our repeatable, reliable, and robust portfolio-scoring mechanism, and decide which project(s) should be prioritized.
Ready to see how it works?

We know how busy you all are, so we’ve produced 3 different types of demos for you to choose from.

guide Free pharma guide

The future of pharma project management

A free guide to overcoming the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry in this “new normal” Covid-19 has driven a quest for even greater speed in the pharmaceutical industry and with that has come many challenges. This guidebook looks at how pharma project management has changed during the past 12-18 months and offers insight into how global life sciences companies can adapt to the “new normal”.
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