Project Managers Need Holidays too

As a project manager the day to day management of millions worth of projects can, at times, be overwhelming. A combination of controlling both your projects and the people involved in them can lead to your stress levels hitting critical mass. All this pressure could have severe consequences on your projects and more importantly, on your health.

The word stress isn’t highlighted in the job description of a PM, however it probably should take centre stage. Whether you like it or not your position as a PM makes you a magnet for stress and all that comes with it.

Does this sound familiar?

Symptoms of Project Management Stress

  1. Midnight terrors about time management and lack of resources.
  2. Endless phones calls and emails to organise a plan only for it to be cut to pieces within the first hour of it being launched.
  3. Unforeseen circumstances that have nothing to do with you and that you couldn’t have avoided but ultimately becomes your problem.

Although there never seems to be a right time to have a break, it is important that the PM takes the time away from the work environment and recharges the batteries. So stop thinking about all the reasons why you should NOT go on holiday and instead focus on the reasons why you NEED to go on holiday.

Why PMs Should Take a Break

  1. Refocus the mind: So when you return to the office you have a clearer sense of where your projects should be going and hopefully see a way of getting there.
  2. Motivation: Get that work drive back that has slowed down over the past few stressful months and return to work with a new found sense of confidence and inspiration.
  3. Inspire: Now that you are inspired you can pass this encouragement onto your fellow team members. Give them some advice that you can see having a positive impact on the future direction of the team and its projects.
  4. Problems: Those problems that seemed to be unsolvable will hopefully be viewed in a different light and finally be written off on your return.
  5. Catch up: Probably the most important thing is spending quality time with your family and friends without giving your job a second thought.

You may always worry about repercussions of taking your break from work. However if you have a process in place for others to follow in your absence then the number of issues should be at a minimum on your return. Now go book that holiday!

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