Cora Systems Unveils New and Improved Website

Cora Systems, the leading supplier of Enterprise Portfolio, Program and Project Management solutions, is delighted to launch its newly designed website. The new website is a result of a number of meetings in-house and through our web-agency Kooba.

Our aim at the beginning of this project was to develop a website that engaged with our visitors on a more in-depth level and delivered the information that was most relevant to them. Building on the previous version of the website, the latest website offers a more visitor-focused outlook by highlighting Cora as a solution provider through industry-detailed pages, solution by specific roles and solution by challenges.

As the Cora brand grows so does the need to have a website that engages with current clients around their knowledge and support needs and potential clients in the education process of making decisions around their requirements.

In 2014, Cora Systems experienced rapid growth in the Project Management software industry. This growth has led to the opening of UK and US offices and a new headquarters in Ireland. With over 17 years of experience of a Portfolio and Project Management Software solutions, Cora has built a strong platform across a number of industries in both the public and private sectors globally.

Regarding the launch of the website, CEO of Cora Systems, Mr Philip Martin, said: “We’re delighted with our website’s new content and its look and feel. It’s one of the steps in a detailed programme to ramp up our sales and marketing operation this year, as the company capitalises on the demand for our enterprise solutions.”

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