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Remotely access & update key project activity via your Android and iOS device.

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The Cora Mobile app lets you access and update key project activity from anywhere and across a range of roles, including portfolio managers, project managers and senior execs.

The app consists of crafted dashboards, providing you with key graphic information about:

  • The number of projects you’re resourced on
  • Status of that project
  • Project type
  • Key dates
  • Overall percentage complete
  • Project documents.

It will enable you to easily manage risks, issues, actions and other items assigned to you. Workers on the move can complete timesheets, enter expenses and update key project activities on the go, which will greatly accelerate decision-making.


  • Dynamic search capability and dashboards
  • Download and view documents, with mark-up editability to PDF documents
  • Attach photos from your phone to a task or register item, with ability to save photos as PDFs for mark-up
  • View number of tasks assigned, edit percentage complete of that task, and read/write important notes
  • Owners of a register item can populate custom or mandatory fields and approve register workflows designed for that project
  • Timesheets and expenses allow a user to capture hours and cost against planned and unplanned tasks within a project, apply notes and submit to an approval process
  • Workflow attached to project registers, i.e. risks, issues, lessons learned, asset management, etc.
  • Sign off important items with register approvals
  • Available on iOS and Android


  • View projects by different metrics, e.g., percentage complete or by status, transforming visibility of your project portfolio
  • Allows users to focus on items specifically assigned to them, filtering the project plan
  • Intuitive user interface and easy to navigate will reduce training requirements
  • Users can view and update tasks assigned on the move
  • Download for offline mode – saves your updates when working in remote areas
  • Intelligent workflows enables rapid updates and approvals
  • Increased productivity by easily adding notes and milestones remotely
  • Update percentage complete on a project/task on the spot

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