The Problem: Managing Projects with Data from Disparate IT Systems

Two men discussing work in an office. One is pointing at a computer while talking.

The Problem:

Having to use data sets from multiple IT disparate systems makes it difficult to see “the big picture” and make informed decisions.

Take one of our clients for example – Before implementing our solution they had multiple data sets from multiple IT systems, e.g., P6 for scheduling, risk management systems, Oracle Aconex for information distribution, MS Excel spreadsheets. What they didn’t have was a central location that project executives could go to see information instantly.

Our Solution

We’ll help to centralize, consolidate and digitize your enterprise data, simplify your processes and ensure that all of your team has a “single view of the truth”. Our project management solution is a full lifecycle platform that provides users with the ability to plan, prioritize, execute and evaluate their project portfolios from one, central source.

The Result

• A single view of the truth – time, cost, risks, issues, and whatever data is important to your organization, is contained in a platform that is accessible and easily digestible.
• Time spent reporting is dramatically reduced, e.g., monthly reports cut from 10 hours to seconds and time spent compiling project lists is cut from 2-3 weeks to minutes.
• Smarter decision making: “It allows us to drill down into information and gives our senior management the key decision-making information so they can make informed decisions on all our schemes.” (PMO Services Director)
• A consistent/standardized approach to projects, allowing organizations to embed good governance across their portfolio.
• Less training is required: On-boarding of new staff is easier and quicker as project data is centralized, meaning that they have fewer systems to learn about.