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Transforming Strategic Vision into Reality

To ensure delivery success and accelerate speed to market, life sciences organisations need a PPM software solution that provides complete control, governance and insight over project portfolio costs, the allocation of resources and likely benefits. Cora PPM provides the bedrock to realize a company’s corporate strategy across a range of its projects, programs and portfolios, irrespective of geographical location. It will copper-fasten your governance objectives.

Cora PPM helps Life Sciences organizations to power transformation – transforming strategic vision into reality. Our intuitive PPM Platform eliminates the time and frustration around report generation, decision making, resource allocation and financial tracking. This allows for real-time collaboration, workflow automation, project tracking and resource management, reducing time spent on admin and enabling high-performing, agile teams who can then focus on delivering the highest quality products and services to the market.

Case Studies

$30 million annual cost improvement program | 16 Sites | 500+ projects | 300+ Users

“Everybody has access to the same information whether you’re at the PM level or senior leadership in the organization. There is complete transparency. You can go onto the system and see straightaway what the status is on a project, what the risks might be. It just allows that level of visibility – across all the levels of the organization.”

Niamh Martyn,
Global PMO Manager

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$65 million capital program | Global Sites
1,000+ projects | 800+ Users

“With the use of Cora Enterprise PPM, our Project Management Office is able to report in an unbiased way, which is very important. Give us the facts rather than opinions. Where are we with a project? Are we on time, on budget? Is the project delivering what it needs to do and what are the real issues with any particular project?”

Paul Moody,
Director of Global Engineering Projects, Allergan Pharmaceuticals

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An Award Winning Solution

Did you know that Cora won three prestigious awards in 2017/2018 for our successful and innovative implementations in the Life Sciences industry?

Award wins include:

  • Pharma Supplier of the Year
  • Supply Chain Achievement Award
  • Excellence in Life Sciences Award

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