Is the PMO Still the Right Option for Your Strategy Realization Objectives?

When it comes to the delivery of projects most organizations are satisfied with the performance of the Project Management Office (PMO). However, there comes a time when senior management must decide whether a PMO is still the right for the organization or whether their strategic objectives would be better served by the establishment of a Strategy Realization Office (SRO).

While a PMO and an SRO are very similar in their approach, in that they are both adding value to the organization, there are subtle differences between the focus of a PMO and an SRO.

In this free guidebook, entitled “How to Move from PMO to SRO” Project Management Advisor and Lecturer John McGrath outlines how the establishment of Strategy Realization Office can help deliver more strategically aligned, higher value, projects for organizations over the long term.

The final whistle to determine the full impact of the Covid-19 pandemic may be months or years away. It has already fundamentally changed the way billions of people live and work. There will be winners and losers. Not surprisingly, in the business landscape, the most adaptable organizations will maintain their viability.

There are already many disruptions afoot as organizations reconfigure their business model and strategy for a new reality that goes beyond strategy as usual.

One such disruption is the transformation from Project Management Office to Strategy Realization Office. This guidebook examines how this emergent enterprise function, which is tasked with charting a more agile and adaptive course, will change the strategic alignment of projects over the next decade.


  • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Senior Leadership Have a Problem, the SRO May Be the Solution
  • Strategy and the SRO
  • PMO or SRO?
  • Harnessing the Competitive Advantage of Project Controls
  • How Cora Systems Powers Strategic Portfolio Management

John McGrath is a trusted project management advisor to some of the largest organizations in the world. His track record over the last 20 years includes over 250 global companies, government agencies, state enterprises, Engineers Ireland, the United Nations, the London and Rio Paralympics and the World Bank.

His passion is in building project management competency within organizations. John is the Course Director for the MSc in Project Management at TU Dublin. His work has been in academic and industry journals and he has presented at over 100 international project management conferences.

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Is the PMO Still the Right Option for Your Strategy Realization Objectives?

Would your organization’s objectives be better served by the establishment of a Strategy Realization Office? Download our complementary guide to learn...