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Free OKR Guide: Empowering Strategy Realization Using OKRs

Free OKR Guide: Empowering Strategy Realization Using OKRs

There’s a reason everyone’s talking about OKRs. It’s an idea that came out of Intel. And when Google started using them, all the way back in 1999, they had barely 50 employees.

It’s OKRs that they still focus on there to this day.

Find out why with this free OKR guide

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About the Author

John McGrath is a trusted project management advisor to some of the largest organizations in the world. His track record over the last 20 years includes over 250 global companies, government agencies, state enterprises, Engineers Ireland, the United Nations, the London and Rio Paralympics and the World Bank.

His passion is in building project management competency within organizations. John is the Course Director for the MSc in Project Management at TU Dublin. His work has been in academic and industry journals and he has presented at over 100 international project management conferences.