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Free Guide: "Business Case Development for Public Capital Projects"

A Guide to Business Case Development on Public Capital Projects

In this complimentary guidebook, Gerry Galvin, a consultant with decades of experience in Ireland’s civil and public service, outlines the importance of business case development, particularly when it comes to delivering public capital projects.

In this guide to business case development, you will learn:

  • Why Public Projects or Programmes require a robust Business Case to be put in place from inception
  • How delays to completion and cost overruns can be avoided (or at worst mitigated)
  • The importance of having a central repository to capture all project information

About the Author

Gerry Galvin is a Professional and Technical Advisor with decades of experience in Ireland’s Civil and Public Service.

He is a former Chief Technical Officer of Irish Water, Ireland’s national water utility provider, and before that he spent over 20 years in Ireland’s Department of Environment, Community & Local Government. Gerry served 10 years as the Principal Engineering Adviser in the Department’s water division and during that time he was responsible for capital project planning, implementation, and expenditure reviews.

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