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The world is in the midst of a crisis with many people wondering what the post-pandemic economy will look like? Many organizations have already had to make difficult decisions in order to survive. However, it’s important not to dwell in “survival mode” for too long as you’ll be left behind by your competitors when the upturn begins. In “Pandemic Planning: Helping You to Respond and Manage During a Crisis” Cora Systems’ CEO Philip Martin outlines how organizations can confront the crisis, adapt and develop a post-pandemic plan so that they are ready for whatever the post-pandemic economy throws at them. The guide draws on Philip’s three decades of experience including his involvement of guiding his company through a recession and expanding it on the other side. Readers will learn:
  • The Importance of a thriving Organizational Culture
  • The Benefits of Portfolio Planning in a Recession
  • Setting up Your Corporate Strategy
  • 9 Rules for Successful Strategy Realization
“I’ve no doubt that we’ll overcome this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic – and its threat of recession – and come out stronger the other side, but it’s important to seize the initiative now.” – Philip Martin, CEO, Cora Systems.

About the Author

Guide to Portfolio PlanningDrawing on 30 years’ experience in the portfolio and project management industry, Philip Martin has built a global client base across Europe, the Middle East and USA. He previously held positions with major US multinationals, including 3Com, Tellabs, DSC and Pulse Engineering. Philip is an electronic systems engineering graduate of Ulster University.

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Watch Philip’s associated Webinar on the topic “Confront the Crisis – Planning for Post Pandemic Success”.

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