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Digital Transformation Strategy Guide launched

Joe Flynn recently launched his best-practice guide to successfully delivering a digital transformation strategy.

This digital transformation strategy guide is built on Joe’s 25+ years’ experience in the enterprise business sector, helping organizations achieve competitive advantage and sustainable growth through business transformation programs.

Joe examines why 70% of digital transformation programs fail, including the six most common reasons for failure. It provides a detailed look at how you can get the right mix between people, processes, and technology, identifying the five pillars of transformation.

Mixed with fascinating insights – including lessons learned from the likes of Gartner, McKinsey & Co., and PwC – it draws on real-world examples from sectors such as local government, healthcare, life sciences, amongst other industries, as well as the know-how and expertise of someone who’s been at the coalface of leading change management programs across the world for the last quarter of a century.

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