Government Contracting

The Cora Government Contracting module ensures organizations in highly regulated environments meet their compliance requirements.

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Module Capabilities

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Earned Value Management

The Earned Value Management (EVM) function provides a comprehensive range of earned value techniques (EVTs), including: percentage complete, level of effort (LOE), weighted milestones with quantifiable back-up data (QBD), fixed formula (XX/YY), program evaluation review technique (PERT) and apportioned effort.

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Baseline Performance Management

Baseline planning relies upon the rate matrix to apply established base and overhead rates for all direct and indirect labor and materials. This functionality establishes and maintains the performance management baseline (PMB) which is a time-phased budget baseline, at the control account level, against which program performance can be measured.

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Integrated Master Schedule

The Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) enables you to track all the key milestones, tasks and decision points to completion for project and program objectives. The GovCon IMS links your scheduling functionality directly into the baseline management and EAC forecasting, allowing you to factor in any required planning constraints.

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Alternative Hierarchies

Cora’s Alternative Hierarchies is a fundamental definition that integrates the program structure with the project WBS. Additional alternative hierarchies can also be used for reporting purposes such as the WBS dictionary, MIL-STD-881 appendix, contract and performance obligation.

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Proposal Management

This functionality gives you the ability to use specified project versions to develop a proposal prior to the contract award, that can then be linked to the eventual execution. This allows you to define the basis of estimate (BOE), which helps to ensure accuracy and transparency in cost estimation.

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IPMDAR Reporting

This functionality includes the Integrated Program Management Data and Analysis Report (IPMDAR), consisting of a contract performance dataset (CPD), schedule performance dataset (SPD) and a performance narrative report. This report helps the government assess the contractor’s performance and ensures that the project is on track in terms of scope.

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Change Control Management

The Change Control Management functionality allows you to restrict changes to scope, schedule or budget or any other element that might result in changes to your PMB, and provides you with full traceability for any changes that occur throughout your project or program lifecycle.

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DECM Tripwire Management

The DECM (formerly EVACS) Tripwire Management functionality enables the configuration of the DECM Planning and Budgeting Test criterion and results needed for DCMA EV Guideline project evaluation, maintenance and reporting.

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Schedule Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment tool has the ability to run multiple simulations such as Monte Carlo, Discrete Event, Critical Path Method and System Dynamics. By running probabilistic estimates on a project schedule, you can produce a range of outcomes for analysis. This gives users the ability to mitigate high-risk factors and allocate resources effectively.

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Cora Government Contracting FAQs

Why do I need the Cora Government Contracting module?

The Cora Government Contracting module helps you to meet all your regulatory and compliance requirements, and to make sure that all your projects are delivered on schedule and on budget.

What are the benefits of Cora's Government Contracting module?

The Cora Government Contracting module gives you a range of earned value management (EVM) methodologies to choose from, and helps to maintain the estimate at completions (EACs) based on performance to date, actuals from the system of record, commitment values for material and estimates of future conditions.

What features does the Cora Government Contracting module have?

The Cora Government Contracting module provides you with a range of EVM reporting structures to choose from, and a choice of alternative hierarchies which integrate your program structures with your project WBSs.

What value does the Cora Government Contracting module give you?

The Cora Government Contracting module enables you to keep all your documents up to date and ensure that all your regulatory needs and compliance requirements are up to date and immediately accessible.