Cora to Sponsor PMO IMPACT Summit

Cora Systems are delighted to announce that they are on board for the 2020 PMO IMPACT Summit that is taking place online from September 14-26 2020.

Unlike most in person or virtual conferences which are jam packed across one to two days, the PMO Impact Summit has been organized in a way that allows its attendees time to select the sessions that interests them most and to fully engage with the information being presented over the course of two weeks.
The focus of the PMO IMPACT Summit is to give its attendees the knowledge, skills, resources, and guidance to help them build, grow, or reset their PMO and to also guide them as Portfolio/Program/Project/Agile Leaders!

As a sponsor of the PMO Impact Summit, we have our own dedicated product page, where visitors can access information on how Cora PPM can transform their organization. Check us out here. Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming podcast from CEO of Cora, Mr Philip Martin, where he’ll be discussing best practices when it comes to Portfolio planning.

Register Now

To get involved simply register for the free event now by following the link here. As a registered delegate you can get involved in all of the pre-event activities within the mobile app, see the sessions, watch live speaker Q&A sessions, chat with speakers and peers, earn rewards for prizes, and access more free content. Then, from September 14-26, the main event sessions will commence in 48-hour blocks, giving you time to focus on and access those sessions, before moving to a new set of sessions for the next 48 hours for a 2-week period.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity and get yourself registered for this year’s PMO IMPACT Summit which is on track to be the biggest one yet. The team at Cora are ready and waiting to network and engage with the registered attendees of the Summit via the pre-event activities on the mobile app. Register for FREE here.

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