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Webinar: Resource Management made easy with Cora PPM

When it comes to Resource Management in your organization do you struggle to:
– Understand what resources are available for your project?
– Confidently stand over your resource plan/schedule?
– Track and measure planned vs. actual cost?

Would you like to…
Gain the control, governance and insight required to utilize your resources strategically and effectively across your portfolio of projects?

See how our Resource Management functionality helps organizations to access real-time resource visibility to plan and execute project scheduling, increase productivity and balance workloads while having the flexibility to respond to resource issues faster and more effectively.

During the Webinar Solutions Architect Tom Davies will demonstrate how organizations use Cora PPM to
– Ensure their resources are working on the right projects at the right time
– Increase the accuracy of forecasted schedules
– Measure actual cost and ROI

Access the Webinar Now

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