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Customer success is our top priority at Cora. Learn more about how we work to ensure a fulfilling implementation with you.

For a support plan that fits your needs

Customer success is our #1 priority at Cora. That’s why we have a Customer Success Team in place dedicated to helping you achieve best-practice PPM and to ensure you get measurable ROI with your Cora implementation. That’s why you’ll get a support plan that fits your needs, including online guidance, support, training and other technology offerings.

Success packs

Cora offers you three levels of customer success packs to ensure you have the coverage you need when you need it the most.

Customer Success Plans

*Full details of private cloud hosting specifications and use cases are available on request.
Customer Success in PPM Software

Why upgrade your success plan?

Drive your user adoption

Achieve best-practice

Maximize ROI from your implementation of Cora PPM

Gain unrivalled insight from access to Cora SME masterclass workshops

Influence the Cora Roadmap by joining our innovation workshops

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Solution Review Service

Cora’s Customer Success Team offer a recommended additional support offering for you: our solution review service.

This new offering involves a review of your existing implementation by our product specialists. They’ll provide you with detailed analysis and recommendations so you can enhance your users’ experience. The service will help to maximize your investment in our products by ensuring your organization is capitalizing from the full functionality set available to you.

Our solution review service for you includes:

  • Analysis of current Cora PPM configuration
  • Functionality review of current vs. supported version
  • Usage audit
  • Online user survey
  • Stakeholder and key user interviews
  • Product roadmap review
  • Customized report and set of recommendations

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