“Delivering successful transformation programs through one single version of the truth, providing complete Control, Governance and Insight
Cora PPM

A centralized PPM Solution

Cora PPM offers the essentials required to automate your Project Management Office (PMO), providing you with the control, governance and insight required to plan, prioritize, execute and evaluate your project portfolios.

Who is Cora PPM for?

  • Healthcare, Government
  • Organizations with 30+ users
  • Those seeking a rapidly deployed solution (OOTB)

Cora Dashboards

Cora allows for customizable business intelligence dashboards for every role and project. These dashboards visualize complex business data and quickly identify project and portfolio risks. The use of early warning indicators play an important role in avoiding and reducing costly issues. Dashboards can be viewed at a personal level right up to an overview of the entire portfolio of projects.  

The Cora Engine 

Provides the full tool-set required to create, plan and manage your entire portfolio of projects.  The engine itself can be broken down into:

  • Portfolio – Program – Project structure
  • Organizations
  • Gantt/WBS, Strategies
  • Risk Matrix
  • Project Templates

Cora Workflow

Design and manage the approval of data in Cora Forms and Cora Registers. Workflow maps can be created by using Cora’s drag-and-drop workflow engine. This allows users to determine which users and roles need to make approvals, send different customized emails depending on recipient and stage in the workflow.
Add conditions based from any other part of the system for complete control and governance. Users are able to submit work packages and track the progress of the approval flow via interactive graphics.

Cora Finance

Cora’s financial management functionality allows you to bring together your original cost estimate, current budget and forecast spend into a single view. By integrating with your financial management system to import “actual” and “committed” costs, a complete picture of the financial health of your projects is available in one place.

Dashboard widgets provide an at-a-glance view of whether projects are over- or under-spending with detailed information provided via comprehensive reporting, which includes the ability to compare budget revisions.

Cora Resources

At a granular level, Cora provides Task-level Resourcing to allow for the allocation of work to project team members involved with the delivery of project activities. This in turn facilitates the leveraging of the Cora Timesheet and Cora Workflow modules for tracking task costs and underpinning task and project governance.

At a portfolio and pipeline perspective, the Cora Strategic Capacity Management module (part of Enterprise PPM) provides a toolset to allow organizations to forecast demand by resource skill type and apply scenario modelling to that demand information across the portfolio.

Cora Registers

The Project Registers functionality allows for dynamic logs to be created within Cora via our configuration tool set. The use of the registers is highly flexible, enabling them to be set up to replicate logs that customers may already be using and capturing via MS Excel or MS Word documents. Typical examples of this would be lessons learned logs, decision logs, meeting logs, escalation logs etc.

The register functionality allows for the format of an existing spreadsheet to be replicated in Cora to capture such logs. An import capability allows for easy population of the system with data that would previously have been on a spreadsheet.

Cora Forms 

The smart form functionality in Cora facilitates the creation of new forms for capturing project information that align to the customer’s business processes. Cora provides a configuration capability that can be used by Cora’s customers, allowing them to create customized reports specific to each user’s needs. Any data captured on a smart form becomes automatically available for inclusion in the Cora reporting suite, thus allowing customers to leverage new data sets for reporting quickly, independent of Cora.

At a more complex level, advanced Cora Forms can also be created to perform calculations, display infographics and generate dashboards. Cora Forms remove the need to duplicate data. Information from one smart form can automatically populate other smart forms that may also be required such as New Project Request, Outline Business Case and Full Business Case.

Cora GIS Mapping

From its out-of-the-box integration with Bing Maps, Cora facilitates the plotting of project locations on a map and displaying those projects in conjunction with other project data on the system via our Smart Form functionality to provide a geospatial view of a program of work. This view can be used to facilitate executive-level reporting as well as providing a very graphical representation of an overall program of work.

Additional Components

Cora Enterprise PPM offers five additional components to complement our PPM solution.

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