The Cora Mobile extension allows you to access and update your project data wherever you are, whenever you need to.

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Extension Capabilities

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Native Mobile App

The Cora Mobile application is a native app for Android and iOS which enables you to upload photos, mark up documents and record changes to snag lists wherever you are, whenever you need to. And because it’s a native app you can make changes and upload data even when you’re offline, whether you’re on the factory floor or on site in a remote location.

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Workflows On the Go

Intelligent workflows allow for rapid updates and immediate approvals, as any changes to project Registers, Smart Forms or any other project data made using the mobile app get dynamically updated across the Cora platform. So changes to issues, risks, milestones, percentage completed of a task or project, or anything else all get automatically updated.

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Timesheets and Expenses Updated

Access and update timesheets and expenses to more reliably capture hours and costs against planned and unplanned tasks, so that you can more reliably bill for all work done, both scheduled and unscheduled.

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Cora Mobile FAQs

Why do I need Cora PPM’s Mobile extension?

The Cora Mobile extension ensures the platform is easy to use and immediately accessible and because it’s been designed and built as a no code low code platform, it effectively gets configured twice. First, we can configure the out-of-the box Cora so that it does whatever you need it to. Then, once you go live, your users will be able to easily configure it for themselves, by dragging and dropping whatever features they needs into preexisting templates.

What are the benefits of Cora's Mobile extension?

One of the main benefits of the Cora Mobile extension is the Project Access and Control functionality, which allows administrators and project managers to manage user permissions, roles, and access levels, to ensure the right people have the appropriate level of access to project data and functions, while maintaining security and data integrity.

What features does the Cora Mobile extension have?

The Cora UX/UI and Mobile Module includes several features such as Cora Portals, which allow you to configure a window within the platform so that specific users only have access to the data and information that you need them to.

Is Cora PPM easy to configure?

Cora PPM has been designed and built as a no code low code platform, to ensure that it’s as easy to configure as possible. In effect, Cora PPM gets configured twice. First, when we configure it for you, so that it does exactly what you need it to. Once you ‘go live’, it gets configured by your users who can drag and drop whatever features they need, wherever they need them.