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Tirlán: Cuts reporting time from 30 minutes to 2 minutes per project update


Tirlán is a food and nutrition business, with a diverse portfolio of quality ingredients, and leading consumer and Agri brands, e.g. Avonmore milk, Kilmeaden cheese. The farmer-owned co-operative exports products and ingredients to more than 80 countries. Its staff number 2,100, managing a network of 11 processing plants, and 52 retail branches and online trading platforms.

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Explore how Cora empowers efficient project management with Tirlán, saving time and gaining valuable insights.

Client Stories: Tirlán


Challenges Tirlán faced

  • Struggled to manage projects across different data sources, e.g. SharePoint, email, shared drives, MS Teams, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, creating a clunky work environment, especially when teams starting to grow and diversify, and the volume of projects increased
  • Tirlán needed better collaboration spaces and interaction, which enabled different team members from R&D and business development to come together and have control over what’s happening in the organization
  • Time wasted when, for example, R&D staff were constantly having to update project managers, and vice versa, often by phone on the status of projects, approaching deadlines, missing information


Capabilities Cora brings

  • All project activity happens in real-time on Cora, i.e. when a project manager has a new update, or is alerting about a risk, which needs to be mitigated, they can go directly into Cora – details are right there and everyone can access them
  • Reporting: capability to look at the bigger picture of all Tirlán projects in progress
  • Ability to drill down to see a specific project or a specific category within the project that needs to be analyzed, i.e. can immediately see necessary key data points and the status of project activity



  • Project managers and R&D leads from projects can easily access their projects, their updates, generate snapshot reports so they’re armed with all the information they need for update and plan meetings, without having to deal with a lot of templates, and different programs and document versions
  • Enhanced collaboration: ability to grant access to the people who really need it, at the level they need it, enabling them to collaborate effortlessly, i.e. they have visualization of projects as deep or as broad as necessary
  • Reporting cycle times cut from 30 minutes to 2 minutes for a single project update, resulting in time savings of 90 minutes if a project manager is updating on 3 projects


“With Cora, staff are cutting time from 30 minutes spent on a report presentation to 2 minutes, and sometimes you have project managers who are coming to present on 2 or 3 different projects – so that’s a big time saving, by streamlining the reporting process.”

-Andrea García Pérez, Agri-Liaison Manager, Tirlán

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