Waterford City & County Council

Waterford City & County Council

Waterford City & County Council


The estates department of the planning authority prior to engaging with the true capabilities of Cora were using a total of 5 excel sheets to control and supervise the asset management register for the council.

Each development was deemed a project and with over 750 developments between the County and City Councils the excel sheets were overflowing with text making it difficult for the department team to capture real time information. The limitations of excel around access was also restricting the team as only one team member could access a document at one time.

Trying to get a true summary of the current status of a particular project also deemed difficult through the excel sheets and was causing problems. On a regular basis Waterford Council would get queries in from the public around the estates in the area. If the Project Manager for that particular estate wasn’t available it would be extremely difficult for someone who wasn’t directly involved in that project to have the right information at hand.

Monthly meetings were taking place in Waterford Council and the department team were required to do up a number of reports. In order to draw up these reports the team were required to spend several hours collating the information from excel into a report format.

Overall Waterford Council lacked control and visibility of their projects and project information and this was having effects time, communication and service.

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The Cora solution has now enabled Waterford to eliminate the 5 excel sheets and replace it with a more user friendly platform that keeps all project information and documentation in a single location enabling them to have a unique asset management register moving forward.

Prior to Cora, Waterford was spending up to 10 hours per month just on reporting. Cora has taken over this task and has the ability to do the same job in a matter of seconds. Increased benefit with reporting to management team, council and district council meetings.

Waterford Council has seen a significant increase in efficiency and effectiveness around the management of their projects by following the built in project management process within Cora.

As real-time project information is assessable at any time it has greatly improved the provision of services to the general public.


"The Estates Management System interface of Cora enables each team member to interact fully with each individual project, and results with increased efficiency and effectiveness"

Liam AhearnExecutive Engineer

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