Health Service Executive - HSE

Health Service Executive - HSE

Health Service Executive - HSE


The key challenges facing the National Director of Child and Family Services, Gordon Jeyes and his National Program Manager Seamus Woods, were:

  • Requirement for a clear direction
  • Delivery of services in a consistent manner
  • Prioritization of key projects
  • Minimization of confusion around the change program
  • Management and control of the change program
  • Minimization and control of risk to the program delivery
  • Ultimately ensuring the enablement of children to lead happy, healthy and satisfying lives

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The HSE have derived a number of benefits through using Cora such as: 

  • Control and visibility of progress on the National Childcare Strategy
  • Clarity of thought around their strategy for all stakeholders
  • Simple, easy to use system with clear navigation
  • Quick identification of change projects that require attention
  • Automatic alerts to ensure on-schedule delivery
  • Extensive reporting for various types of stakeholder (managers, project team etc)
  • Significant saving of time in management and reporting
  • Resource management has become much easier
  • Proven off-the-shelf system ensures that the HSE are always using "Best of Breed"
  • Customized training allowed integrated process and system training - providing a quicker return on investment


"Cora provides me with an effective quick and simply way of controlling and managing a National Change Program"

Seamus WoodsProgram Manager

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