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DS Smith is broken down into a number of regions and each of these regions had their own process around the management of their projects. For the most part these processes were manually driven through excel sheets and word documents. This was having huge issues in the areas of version control and the ability to access real time information.

DS Smith had a limited view on the status of their programs and projects across the regions as visibility was very poor and this was causing ongoing problems.

Reporting was also a big issue. Once a week, all project managers were required to produce a project summary report for each project. However some PMs were managing over 10 projects at a time and the task of putting together all these reports required hours of their valuable time.

DS Smith had limited control over the progression of unfeasible projects. Situations were arising where projects were making it to the starting line with huge budgets and a pool of resources behind it, evolving to a point, where it would ulitmately end up being pulled and deemed a failed project.

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DS Smith made the decision to change the process of how they managed their projects. Up to this point DS Smith didn’t have a Project Management Office in any of the regions and they were eager to implement one. However a tool was required to run and manage the PMO – this is where Cora entered the equation.

The overall control and visibility of DS Smith’s program and projects have been dramatically increased through the use of the Cora solution. They are now fully accountable for all their projects across the regions.

They have reduced the number of projects falling through the gaps through their efficient approval process. This process was created in line with DS Smith's requirements which ensures that every project ticks the requirements before it moves onto the next stage. DS Smith are dealing with millions worth of projects so this ensures that they only put their budgets into viable projects. 

Project reporting has been completely transformed, as what used to take hours even days is now completed within a couple of seconds. Allowing the project managers to spend their time managing the projects rather than sorting through mountains of paper work and manual report building.

Throughout the implementation, Cora Systems worked closely with DS Smith to ensure there was a smooth transition to the Cora solution. This was done through a number of configuration and training days carried out by the team at Cora Systems.


"The Cora project has been a great success story for us. We can now look at any project and see how it will impact on other projects in other regions of the business"

Ian BowdenIT PMO Manager

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