London Borough of Bromley

London Borough of Bromley

London Borough of Bromley


There was no standard method of managing the Transport Projects within the Capital Investment Program. This meant that when Bromley got to thee end-of-year close down, they were often faced with the issue of their projects being behind schedule which had a impact on budgets.

Project records were a issue as they were being held across a number of different platforms and hence took a long time to reconcile. This process was so long that it only took place once a year which meant that Bromley were unable to deal appropriately with their over/underspends.

Project reports were not ran consistently and often issues would arise without notice as there was no warning system in place.

The main cause of these challenges was around the lack of efficiency in their project management procedures.

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Following an extensive review Bromley selected Cora System's Enterprise Portfolio, Program and Project Management Solution.

Cora is now enabling Bromley to install a best practice process around the management of their projects and reduce the number of project information platforms down to one.

The issues around budget variance has now be shifted as Cora has been integrated with Bromley's financial system Oracle, and the engineering and management team can now see montlhly progress of spend and can edit budgets accordingly thus reducing year end variances by 90% in the first year alone.

Reporting has drastically improved and is now transparent enough for the team to spot any issues before they become a risk.

In line with their requirements and a quick ROI, Bromley have significantly improved the overall management of their projects within the Transport Program. By having all project information and data in one place, Bromley can pull any information from the system and draw up the relavant report from this leading to a much better understanding of where individual projects are at.


"The implementation went far more smoothly than any other software implementation I have ever been involved with…I would thoroughly recommend this product."

Paul Symonds Assistant Director Transport & Highways

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