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Barnet CCG NHS

Barnet CCG NHS


Barnet CCG had several spreadsheets and word documents capturing various bits of project information filed on an internal network server. There was no central location that held all the project information and this was causing issues around visibility within the team.

In order to maintain version control and integrity some of the forms and documents had to be saved in various parts of the network where access could be restricted to named individuals (project & program managers), and master copies had to be saved in different folders for the PMO Team. This meant there were several versions of the same documents on several network locations. 

The work involved in putting together an overall program report was excessively manual and repetitive and prone to errors. Users had to update reports on documents which then had to be emailed to the PMO Team to collate, project managers needed access to the organization servers and save them there to be picked up later by the PMO Team.

Overall visibility of the CCG QIPP Program was very limited and it was impossible to dive into risks, issues and key performance indicators. 

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Barnet CCG instantly seen the benefits derived from Cora and felt confident that the right decision had been made.

  • The web based interface enabled each member of staff across Barnet CCG to collaboration and access real time project information instantly.
  • The CCG is now reaping the benefits of increased visibility of their entire CCG QIPP Program.
  • Project Managers are now empowered as they do not have to rely anymore on the PMO Team to set and deliver project parameters.
  • Time spent manually pulling together project information into reports has now been dramatically reduced down to a matter of seconds. Also reporting is more accurate as the PM Office is simply reporting the PM's own work and inputting it into the system. During the days of the spreadsheets this would have been impossible.
  • Barnet CCG highlighted that Cora was extremely user friendly and therefore were able to avoid any user acceptance issues which lead to a smooth transition to the new method of project management.
  • Prior to Cora, there were 3 people dedicated to the monitoring and reporting of the projects. Today one support coordinator is all that is required to run the reports and set tasks on Cora, allowing the Project Managers to manage their projects. 


"Control and visibility are now at the centre of Barnet CCG"

Simon MendyHead of PMO

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