What is it like to work as an intern at Cora Systems?

What is it like to work as an intern at Cora Systems?

Hi, my name is Matthew Henry. I’m 18 years old and I’m a QA intern at Cora systems. I’ve worked here for the summers of 2016 and 2017. I’ve always had an interest in IT and development and working at Cora has allowed me to pursue that and learn a lot about the field, while meeting new people and experiencing new ideas.

I started working at Cora just after finishing 5th year in secondary school (high school) and as much as I’d hate to admit it I was pretty nervous, it was something quite a bit outside my comfort zone but if working here has done anything its really expanded how far I’m willing to step out of what I’m used to. My time here has been far removed from the stereotypical “intern running for coffee”, and is much more defined by what challenges I wanted to take on and as well as what challenges I was given to overcome and I never once felt like my age or qualifications have been a hindrance to my experience. 

Feeling productive in this way was and is one of the best things about working here and one of the big reasons I looked forward to coming back for my second summer. Whereas at home I’d be doing little more than babysitting or odd jobs here I am part and parcel of the teams and projects as well as feeling like I’m part of the wider Cora family, stepping even beyond routine tasks to work on different projects and solutions to different problems. Despite my complaints and grumblings when it comes to the early mornings or late evenings I’ve always looked forward to coming into the office and more often than not dread having to work from home, away from the environment that Cora has come to offer me. 

The social aspect plays just as big a role. Secondary school is almost cookie cutter from one year to the next with so little changing while working here in the summer has given me access to much more diverse and wide-ranging perspectives, interests and points of view. The people here hail from all over and each bring something different to the place, something I would find hard to find if I didn’t have this opportunity. Communication is so important in any job and I think I can honestly say that in three months I’ve gotten to know just about everyone working here in the Carrick on Shannon office, either through the social nights or just through a chat over coffee at breakfast.

Such a well-connected environment has given me an insight into so many different parts of a business and the different mindsets of the people that drive them. I might not ever expect to work in finance or marketing but having the chance to talk through and understand both the job and more importantly the people behind the job has with no doubt improved my communication skills, teamworking skills and I think has set me up for moving on into college in the very near future.

As I finish up my second summer here and move on to studying Computer Science in Trinity College Dublin I can’t help but look back at my time in Cora. It’s certainly cemented my interest in studying, but more so its cemented my determination to keeping working and improving, since finishing 5th year I’ve almost been constantly busy with school or work and couldn’t imagine it any other way. The idea of having nothing to do or having no project to tinker with has become alien to me. I want to thank everyone I’ve worked with here for not only the help and time they’ve given me but also the experience and enjoyment I’ve gotten from working here.

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