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5 Step Guide to Delegation in Project Management

5 Step Guide to Delegation in Project Management

So you have seen the benefits that can be gained from the delegation and have decided to test the theory.

The next step is important – how to delegate properly. Here’s our five-step guide to delegation:

Step by Step on guide to delegation

  1. Communicate clearly the expected outcome. Agree with everyone on what the desired results will be.
  2. Explain where the lines of authority break down. Instruct all participants on where their role stops, to whom they should report to and any other loose ends.
  3. Ask them: Instead of delegating tasks to people why don’t you let them have the power and nominate themselves. This doesn’t just empower them it also ensures that they have the skills to complete the task.
  4. Following the previous point, it is important not to hand over all authority. At the end of the day, you are accountable for the quality of the work produced. Try and avoid a situation where individuals are delegating their tasks off to others. Tasks should not have been accepted if they did not have the ability to complete them.
  5. Support the individuals throughout and make yourself available to answer any queries. Motivate and encourage them to reach their goals. This support also ensures you ultimately keep control of the delegated tasks.

By keeping these points in mind you should find that the delegation process goes smoothly.