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Cora aligned with Biggest Project Management Trends of 2019

Cora aligned with Biggest Project Management Trends of 2019

In a recent article for the US Technology website Trendintech, Mike White outlined the four biggest Project Management Trends shaping 2019 and as one would expect with a leading PPM Solution Cora, is already "ahead of the curve" and aligned to the trends.

Looking at the challenges facing Project Managers at present, White outlines the fact that a “lack of clearly defined goals is to blame for 40% of all project management failures”. Again, Cora leads the way by featuring a clearly defined Scope and the ability to create projects using a pre-configured Project Request template, which helps ensure that all vital information is considered and included from the outset. Projects in Cora PPM can also be aligned to a Strategy; a ‘virtual view’, which allows an organization to answer the question ‘What are we doing to deliver on this strategy?’

The author then examines the four biggest Project Management Trends Shaping 2019 and we’ll now look at where Cora PPM stands in relation to those trends:

1. The Power of Cross-Company Collaboration

Cora PPM enables users across the organization to have different levels of access to various elements of a Project. Information in Cora PPM rolls up from Project to Portfolio level, allowing those “higher up the chain” to get an overall view of what is happening while also giving them the opportunity to drill down into the data and individual projects.

2. Better Reporting and Data

Cora PPM takes the pain out of reporting and portfolio-wide reports, on any aspect of an organization’s activity, can be produced in minutes. Reports can also be exported in a variety of formats and used in meetings or as part of board presentations etc.

3. The Use of Hybrid Project Management Methods

Cora PPM is “methodology agnostic”, meaning that the platform is not structured to align to a particular way of thinking, allowing an organization to use any Project Management methodology of their choosing or combine elements from a number of the “traditional” methods.

4. Open Source Problem Solving

As mentioned above, Cora PPM’s ability to share project access amongst a variety of stakeholders leads to a wider pool of people with problem-solving skills. “Lessons Learned” Logs form an important part of all projects in Cora PPM and allow Users to see how problems they encounter were dealt with by a colleague in the past. In addition, Project Templates can be used to help deliver consistent delivery and in turn, minimize the risk of problems arising.

You can read the article in full here or find out more about Cora by watching an overview of the platform at