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The benefits of construction project management software

Many Construction projects are still managed through the use of spreadsheets and word documents and although these organizations are comfortable with this system the use of such programmes may inadvertently be hiding problems from project managers.

With such high volumes of project details needing to be tracked an “old school” system doesn’t cut it in today’s challenging environment. Industry specific project management solutions have been implemented into organisations to help manage all the elements of the construction projects from a sole platform. A construction project is no easy undertaking and requires tight management and control throughout. Before project management solutions were being used, a lot of time and energy was required and in some cases a project could fail if a process wasn’t in place. Project management solutions has the ability to handle all the complex attributes associated with a construction project lifecycle including costs, resources and risks through flawless workflows and management.

What can construction project management software bring to an organisation?

1. Lengthy tasks eliminated: The task of getting real time data can now be accessed instantly without sending multiple emails to project team members requesting updates. The project manager can get real time information at the click of a button. If the software is web-based this information can be captured from any laptop in any location.

2. Standard processes: Once a project management tool is put into practice a standard process can be set and followed by all the project team easily. This process will document tasks that need to be complete from project start to execution. This process allows new users of the system to pick up the system easily.

3. Greater accuracy: An estimate date of completion can be more accurately drawn up once all the elements of the project are entered into the project management tool. By keeping as close to the date of completion will ensure that more of a project is made and also prevent a knock on effect on the subsequent projects. Tighter control of timelines can be achieved.

4. Schedule resources: Scheduling of resources connected with a project can be a difficult job as many projects could have 100’s or even 1000’s of resources. By scheduling these out within a project management tool can ensure that only the resources that are needed are used and also that the resources aren’t over/ under allocated. This will result in resources being fully utilised and reduce wastage levels.

5. Control of project documents: Keeping project documents such as RFIs, transmittals, submittals, plans and reports on your local hard drive and having to send these documents to numerous individuals throughout the project life cycle is not ideal and timely. Through a project software tool you can centrally locate all of these project related documents and provide the project team members with the necessary information at the click of a button. Documents stored in this way will ensure that no documents will be misplaced or lost.

6. Risk management: Like all projects, risk can creep up at any time and construction projects are no different. By having a project management tool the construction organization can manage any risks that rise by having a step by step process in place to avoid and manage a risk.

Overall construction project management software provides the industry players with an array of benefits, which they would not get from the traditional methods of project management. Having this centralised location to manage every aspect of a project allows organisations to improve on how they do their work through set processes, resource allocation, risk management, document control and many more.

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