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Integrating the Cora Solution with Primavera P6

Integrating the Cora Solution with Primavera P6

You’re paid to make decisions. In the absence of good data, those decisions will be either lucky or bad.

But if you have good data you can make good decisions, and contribute to organizational success.

Cora’s ability to integrate with Primavera P6 and multiple systems (including ERP, CRM, Document Management, etc.) ensures a holistic view of projects and gives you the data you need when you need it.

Your capital projects are typically managed in Oracle Primavera P6. The rest of your projects are managed in a multitude of systems including Microsoft Project and Excel. Providing meaningful reports in a timely manner is labour intensive and takes up a significant amount of your valuable time. Ensuring that data is accurate and current is a constant battle. Sound familiar? There is an alternative.

Cora PPM enables organizations to have full visibility of all PPM initiatives, streamlining data collation and ultimately improving decision making, regardless of whether projects are managed in Cora PPM, Oracle Primavera P6 or 3rd party systems.

Capital Delivery Projects continue to be managed in Oracle Primavera P6 with key data automatically imported into Cora PPM for visibility and alignment across all company initiatives.

Other Projects not managed in Oracle Primavera P6; including IT, small, operational and business as usual (BAU) projects typically making up the vast majority of an organisations’ project volume; are managed directly in Cora PPM. Instead of managing data in multiple systems, the core Cora PPM engine provides schedules, risks & issues, costs and resources as standard to drive governance and control at all levels of the organisation.

3rd Party System integrations, whether automated or manual, are required because outputs (dashboards & reports) need to include more than just schedule, cost and resource data. Integrating with multiple systems (including ERP, CRM, Document Management, GIS & Spatial etc.) ensures a holistic view of projects, programs and portfolios.

Dashboards & Reports provide automated, real-time management control and insight to satisfy both internal and external stakeholders. Planned, actual, and forecast information enables project teams and executives to make the right decisions quickly based on current, accurate data.

Cora PPM really does deliver one central version of the truth, where key performance indicators (KPIs) can be mapped to strategies, desired outcomes, and organizational goals right across the enterprise structure.

Whether you’re looking for enhanced visibility of your PPM initiatives, the ability to better execute against your planned portfolio, or to optimize the utilization of your limited resource pool, Cora PPM is your go-to solution.

We’re biased so don’t just take our word for it! Our clients are happy to share their Project Management success stories and experiences of working with Cora via case studies and testimonials.

Email us today and find out how Cora could help your organization’s project portfolio challenges.