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How to Achieve Work Life Balance

Are you one of the many of people working in a Project Management role who struggle to find a balance to between our work life and home life?

A life in Project Management, or associated fields, can be hectic and more and more of us are trying to squeeze too much into one day, which means either our work or home life suffers. Adrenaline can keep you going but only for so long. Realistically this lifestyle is not healthy and you should look into ways where you can find that right balance that works for you. We have compiled some suggestions, based on our experience:

5 suggestions on how to achieve work life balance:

1. Your phone

With the increase use of smartphones it is becoming even harder to get away from the Office. As much as you know you shouldn’t you can’t help but check that email that just buzzed in during the night. That email probably could have waited to be checked in the office the next morning. If you have Turn off your phone outside of business hours; this may not work for everyone but where possible this action should be taken.

2. Learn to say no

OK maybe not as abrupt as that, but sometimes you need to turn down the offer of extra work. This is especially true when you are already feeling under pressure with your current workload. Taking on any extra could have an impact on the quality of work you produce thus leading to your reputation being damaged. So when you find yourself in a situation like this its best to take a few minutes and evaluate your schedule and see if you have the time to produce a level of work in line with your ability.

3. Ask for Help

You are not superhuman. There is only a certain amount of work you are physically able to do. Ask for help in the work place and if needed in your home life. Evenings and weekends: I understand that this is not always possible but try to keep your evenings and weekends at home free from work. Tie up any lose ends before you leave the office so that they won’t make their way into your quality time at home.

4. Go Walking – It’s good for you

This for many of us is the last thing we want to do after spending the day at the Office. However, by doing some exercise could help you get more done. By boosting your energy levels and helping you clear your head you should be able to focus more on your tasks and getting them ticked off the list. (Even a short stroll during your lunch break can help)

5. Set Limits

Limit yourself to realistic working hours rather than the full days you might be putting in. It is possible to get your work done in this time, you just need to be organised. Focus on the important tasks, outsource some work to your team, and eliminate time wasted on non-essential tasks.

At the end of the day you should determine where your principles lie. Do you want to climb the career ladder or do you want to be at home for dinner in the evening? Once you have decided where it is you want to be, you can match your balance to your own individual situation. Put the focus on your own requirements and go with it.

In addition to the type of work you are doing, the location of your work can also have a bearing on having a work life balance. Here at Cora Systems, our Headquarters is based in Carrick on Shannon one of Ireland’s most picturesque towns in County Leitrim. If you fancy a change you can find out more about our current vacancies at