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Facility Management in Project Management

Facility Management in Project Management

In this video, John McGrath, a respected project management advisor and lecturer, delves into the crucial significance of incorporating Facility Management within Project Management plans. With his expert insights, McGrath highlights the growing recognition of Facility Management's role and its integration into the broader scope of project planning and execution. This article provides valuable perspectives on how recognizing this synergy can lead to more streamlined and effective project outcomes, offering a fresh understanding of the evolving landscape of project management practices.

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Facility management and project management remain separate disciplines, although they converge when we consider lifecycle costs, not just the capital investment.

Lifecycle costing, due to ISO 55000, is now a realistic challenge for many organizations and therefore must be built into the full consideration of the work involved in a project and the associated costs.

Why is the total cost of ownership important?

There is now a total cost of ownership for a product or project that has to be considered in a more holistic way by considering the entire lifecycle, not just the capital investment of the project.