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Four essential Project Manager skills

The Project Manager is the main piece of the jigsaw when it comes to the management of projects as they are involved in every element ranging from the “big picture” right down to the smallest of details.

In this guide we highlight four essential Project Manager skills every PM should have, or develop, in order to successfully complete projects.

When it comes to successful projects every element must be monitored and controlled at all times within a predefined time frame and budget. The day to day routine of the PM can at times be extremely challenging and full on with constant pressure being applied from budget, resource and time constraints. However overall a PM is said to have one of the most fulfilling jobs when a project is successful implemented, executed and closed off.

A few must-have Project Manager skills include:

1. Risk Management: Project Managers plan their projects and within this they should plan for the risk that may or may not affect those projects. PMs need to manage project risks to enable them to plan for the uncertainty of the future. Failure to manage risk appropriately may result in the project not being completed to the expectations set at the commencement of the project.

2. Communication: Communication is one of the foundations of project management. As a Project Manager you are expected to listen to their project team as their opinions could be an extremely valuable asset to the project. Clear channels of communication should be put in place to ensure all involved in the project are kept updated regularly. Having regular project status meetings with all parties is good practice, as limiting communication to merely emails/ phone calls could have a negative on a project.

3. Conflict Resolution: Conflict is inevitable and shouldn’t be feared by a project manager. How the project manager deals with conflict is important. An effective project manager should hold the necessary skills to handle and resolve conflicts before they have an impact on the project.

4. Decision Making: Possessing good decision making skills is highly valuable to a Project Manager. On a daily basis a PM is expected to make decisions regarding on-going projects. The project manager must comprehensively and consistently examine data to ensure that they are making the correct decisions to benefit the project.

Overall the project manager has the weight of having to build and manage a high performing project team, the expectation of the clients and develop a clear direction in order to achieve project success on their shoulders. By holding or developing the above skills and experience the PM can and will achieve great success.

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