Delivering the Right Value for Your Projects

A project should deliver value to the organisation – however not every project is successful and therefore won’t bring the expected end results to the table.

As a project team you should be focused on the same end goal and follow a defined process that is dedicated to delivering value through its projects.

Here are some tips to help you deliver value to your projects:

1. Do you have everything in place at project initiation and what are the expectations?

It’s best to get off to the right start and understand exactly what is required from this project. If you have a complete understanding of the project you will be able to relate what the success of this project will have on the overall vision of the organisation.

2. Do you have the right team in place?

Your project team is your most important resource and therefore you need to ensure that the people within this team are the right people for the task. Each member is an essential piece of the puzzle and plays an important part in getting the project from initiation to completion in one piece. Define everyone’s role and their responsibility and make sure that they completely understand where their role will flow through the project.

3. Plan ahead

Planning ahead is time well spent. The plan around a project requires a high level of detail so that all parties involved have a central hub for all their project related queries. A quality plan should hold:

  • Milestones and deliverable
  • An up to date timescale
  • Resource requirements
  • Warning systems around potential risks and issues

If you don’t put the effort into this stage of the project you are likely to run into budget and time overruns.

4. Knowledge is power

Have a base that holds your project documentation in one place that is easily accessible to the project team and the rest of the organisation. Documentation is important and can be a valuable source of information for decision making within your projects.

5. Streamline your communication channels

By streamlining your communication channels across the project team and organisation, you are essentially helping the decision making process move along quickly and reduce any downtime.

6. Lessons learned

This is probably one of the best ways to get value from your projects in terms of what worked and what didn’t work. To get this information it is a worthwhile task to complete a review or a lesson learnt report on completion of a project – even if this is only for internal purposes only. Here the team has the opportunity to highlight where things went wrong, where thing went well, what should have been done differently and what we should do in the future moving forward.

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