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Crisis Management in Project Management

Crisis Management in Project Management

In the latest of his "Future Trends in Project Management" series Project Management advisor and lecturer, John McGrath outlines the keys to successful crisis management.

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Crisis Management in Project Management

Crisis Management and Project Management are closely interrelated and often they go hand in hand.

Natural and man-made disasters often result in a crisis, and initiating projects is often a key step of the solution.

In fact, some project managers also believe that they deal with a new crisis every day.

Both crisis management and project management typically require a specific set of resources to address the associated challenges. A crisis can come in many shapes and forms and no organization is immune.

How well an organization responds to a crisis situation can often depend on their project management capability.

Keys to managing a crisis

Identifying the scope, resource allocation and leadership are the key ingredients to effective execution of crisis management and also project management.

A crisis control manager, just like a project manager, must be prepared to react and adapt to changes and also to evolve as problems emerge and as the scope changes.

In a business crisis, the allocation of resources to the highest priority is fundamental, just as it is in project management.

What are the worst decisions in a crisis?

In most crisis situations, the worst decision is no decision and the second-worst decision is a late one. This is fundamental to successful project management, which is typically underpinned by effective and timely decision-making.

A project and a crisis both require a chain of command. They both require stance reporting, and they both require a highly engaged and connected team.

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