John McGrath Masterclass: Crisis Management in Project Management

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In the series on “Future Trends in Project Management,” we delve into the crucial aspects of ‘Successful Crisis Management‘. McGrath outlines key strategies and insights that project managers should consider in effectively navigating and overcoming crises within the project management landscape.

Stay tuned as he explores the evolving dynamics of crisis management, shedding light on essential principles for ensuring project success even in challenging situations.

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Crisis management and project management are closely interrelated and often go hand in hand. Both are essential components in addressing challenges arising from natural and man-made disasters, with projects often playing a key role in the solution

Daily Challenges

In fact, some project managers contend that they encounter a new crisis every day, highlighting the dynamic nature of their roles.

Resource Requirements

Both crisis management and project management necessitate specific resources to effectively tackle associated challenges. The diverse forms and shapes crises can take make it clear that no organization is immune.

Impact of Project Management

How well an organization responds to a crisis often hinges on its project management capability. This link underscores the importance of project management in enabling effective crisis responses.

What are the worst decisions in a crisis?

In most crisis situations, the worst decision is no decision and the second-worst decision is a late one. This is fundamental to successful project management, which is typically underpinned by effective and timely decision-making.

A project and a crisis both require a chain of command. They both require stance reporting, and they both require a highly engaged and connected team.

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